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  • Trinity Consultants Opens Office in Cheyenne, Wyoming  - 

    Trinity Consultants recently opened an office in Cheyenne, Wyoming under the leadership of former Wyoming regulator Lori Bocchino. This marks the third new Trinity office in 2018 and the latest addition to Trinity's more than 50 offices across the »

  • Triennial Emission Inventory Process Underway  - 

    State and local air quality agencies are currently assembling information that will allow them to build their triennial minor source emission inventory for 2017.  Agencies are required to report these inventories to U.S. EPA every three years.  The »

  • Trinity Acquires QSEM Solutions  - 

    Trinity is pleased to share the news of our recent acquisition of QSEM Solutions (QSEM). QSEM is an environmental consulting firm focused on air quality compliance, permitting, and controls that serves industrial clients in the Midwest, »