Updates to California Proposition 65

Since its enactment in 1986, Proposition 65 has been considered landmark legislation requiring California businesses to provide notice to consumers and workers of exposures to toxic chemicals.  Proposition 65 affects thousands of California businesses, including manufacturing, industrial, retailers,  and distributors. Over the years, Proposition 65 has been an area of excessive litigation by third-party citizen and environmental groups, who are allowed to file enforcement lawsuits on behalf of the State of California. During this complimentary webinar, Trinity will provide an overview of the recent regulatory amendments to Proposition 65, which will take effect August 31, 2018. These amendments have increased notice requirements for many business sectors, which has increased the compliance burdens under Proposition 65.  Trinity will also provide insights into legal defenses and compliance approaches, including, key regulatory exemptions and scientific demonstrations with Safe Harbor Levels.

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